Connie Lovell

In-resident Artist

I feel I was born to be an artist and throughout my life, I have done many different types of artwork.  The only formal training I ever have had was with Mr. Takahaski.  All other techniques have been self-taught.  My business, Fine and Simple became a platform from which I was able to market my artistic talent in many different ways:  the staging of homes, the painting of commissioned pieces on canvas, the creation of stained glass designs for clients, and several years of designing and managing the construction of home and office renovations.


I have always thought that all forms of art have a positive impact on society, in many ways it helps all people find common ground. The art created by Washed Up Texas does just that.  The intention of the art is to highlight the trash that is filling our oceans.  We want to help educate and find a solution to this common crisis.  We believe that there is not one person that isn’t impact by this.   

Washed up Texas takes marine debris that is washing up onto our beach and makes larger than life sculptures called “Mascots for the Sea”. We could speak all day about the impact of the trach in the ocean. But we have found that the sculptures do more to open people’s eyes and raise their understanding to how important this challenge is for all of us.Like the old saying says “Seeing is Believing”.